What is Coinspiracy?

This site is dedicated to the ignorant among you. Those of you that remain blind to what is happening all around you politically. I am not seeking converts, however if after reading and studying the information that I will be publishing you start to become awake, great, if not this is my little soapbox platform of castigation of the blind.

I have named this blog Coinspiracy for a reason, it being the first and main hoax that has been perpetrated against you, and most are wilfully and blindly igorant of the greatest hoax ever.

Imagine if you will that you and your friends could start a corporation that not only lends money to people and governments but prints it out of thin air too! This is in a cents alchemy as in turning lead into gold. However the modern day alchemists are far more sophisticated than their earlier bretheren. I will attempt to keep my posts short and to the point and include relevant urls written in depth by people that have studied the topics that I will cover in far more detail and substance than I.

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