Meet Mr. Peter Bergen

 Peter Bergen

Does the name ring a bell? Well Mr. Bergen is the mainstream medias darling expert on Osama. When they want to discuss him they almost invariably turn to him for his “expertise” on this radical group that is an offspring of the muslim brotherhood.

In my research into politics and coinspiracies whenever I run into someone who is a member of the cfr it invariably sets off alarm bells. (If you the reader should happen upon a membership list currently around 4,000 people, please leave a comment for me if you find a member that is of a benevolent nature. Not of the left, right, center, environmentalist, or any other ism, BENEVOLENT. I have yet to come across one that in my opinion meets the definition of that word. )

Mr. Bergen is a lifetime member of the cfr, although in all the times that I have seen him perform on tv, not once have I ever seen that fact mentioned. He is also a Rhodes scholar. Do you hear the alarms going off yet??


One Response to “Meet Mr. Peter Bergen”

  1. kay Says:

    What do you have against Peter Bergen? Are you intimating he’s part of some evil plan? He’s a very accomplished, successful journalist/intellectual, whose opinion I value on issues regarding terrorism. In the Bio section of his website, he states he is a lifetime member of the CFR, so it’s not like he’s hiding it. (but I don’t believe he is a Rhodes Scholar.). Also, struck me as a very kind person when I met him.

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